Integrated Project Delivery


Through Integrated Project Delivery team we develop a close working relationship, a sense of ownership and of pride in the project and the process.  


IPD: An Collaborative Approach to Construction
What if every member of the design build team shared completely the responsibility for the entire project and set about correcting deficiencies or problems wherever they popped up without regard to who caused the problem or who is going to pay for it?

What if all of the construction members were friends looking out for the interest of the Owner and each other, applauding the successes of each other and sharing the pain of each other’s failures?

What if all of the design and construction entities on a project, could be organized in such a way that they all functioned as if they truly were a single company with a single goal and with no competition among themselves for profit or recognition?

If you could devise such an arrangement, you would have devised ‘Integrated Project Delivery’


Owners and General contractors realize that the true cost of a project is not what is bid but what is finally paid after all change orders and claims have been settled and the last attorney's bill paid. 
1) IPD Delivers more scope with the money available
2) Refines design and construction processes to eliminate waste
3) Enables decision making at the last responsible moment
4) Reduce RFI’s ( Request for Information.) from site during construction.


Envision a new world where

  • Facility managers, end users, contractors and suppliers are all involved at the start of the design.
  • processes are outcome-driven and decisions are not made solely on a first cost basis 
  • all communications throughout the process are clear, concise, open, transparent, and trusting 
  • designers fully understand the ramifications of their decisions at the time the decisions are made
  • risk and reward are value-based and appropriately balanced among all team members 
  • The industry delivers a higher quality and sustainable built environment.
  • This is the world of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

IPD in Post Tension Concrete
Adopting “Integrated Project Delivery” approach by structural engineering and construction industry can help produce not only PT structural drawings in BIM, but the same can be extended to create PT installation shop drawings resulting in massive elimination of efforts leading to PT installation.


With IPD Change is happening. Be a part of the Change